Detangle your hair before you wash it

It’s a stupid trick, and yet it makes all the difference. Before jumping in the shower, remember to comb through your hair. This will prevent breakage when shampooing, and will allow you to use less conditioner than usual to detangle it. By avoiding overloading your hair with product, your hair will be less likely to become heavy and will not re-grease as quickly. Double the benefits!


Men also have the right to their bag

Rather than the small shoulder bag or the banana, opt for the elegant bag to add the final touch to your look. Tote bags are popular these days, but you can also opt for a classic briefcase, a messenger bag or even a backpack!

Some beautiful destinations

There are various beautiful landscapes around the world.


Choose your painting

You are fascinated by breathtaking landscapes, passionate about abstract art, you admire street art. From the themes that interest you, play with the colors of your interior wall decoration, and know that contrasting colors always ensure the best effect. Combine without any problem neutral tones with the strongest ones, such as purple with silver, black with white, chocolate with turquoise…